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The Racing Rules of Sailing

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US Sailing is proud to present the official application for The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016 Including US Sailing Prescriptions. This is the only version of the Racing Rules of Sailing that will include the US prescriptions to the rules. The Racing Rules of Sailing App is ideal for avid sailors who need instant access to the official rules and signals. With this application you will be prepared to answer any rules or signal questions from the race course.The 2013-2016 edition has content and explanations from Understanding the Racing Rules Through 2016 which is available as an In-App Product. This content explains all the new changes to the rules and definitions. This In-App product contains over 100 quotes, illustrations and references to the US Sailing Appeals and ISAF Cases. This is an indispensable resource for sailors, as well as judges and other racing officials.Features:• The only rules app approved by US Sailing• Simple navigation for rule and appendix definitions• Images and descriptions of all the signal flags• Convenient word, numeric and phrase search function• Bookmarking feature for your most referenced to rules and definitions• Expand definitions with multiple sections to view all content on one screen.In-App Content:• Content for Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing Through 2016 is available for each section of the Racing Rules of Sailing• Diagrams to explain rules definitions, and rule scenario diagrams with Dave Perry's explanation• Content from chapters 4-13 of Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing Through 2016 is integrated into the Rule Book Definitions